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Bittersweet: a free SharePoint Master Page for blogs

Bittersweet Master Page (SP2010)

I've been inspired lately to create a Master Page for a SharePoint blog. It's based on Kyle Schaeffer's V5 Master Page, and I'm giving it away free in return for feedback and critique. I'd love to develop this further and take it to team sites, my sites, and publishing pages, but before I go through the whole process I'd like to gauge interest.


  • CSS3 rounded corners
  • fonts: "Shadows Into Light Two" and "Open Sans" (courtesy Google Webfonts)
  • an HTML5 shiv for older browsers
  • Fixed width, centered design

So download, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

Download: Bittersweet Master Page (SharePoint 2010) (11.7KB, ZIP)